Girl with Balloon
Girl with Balloon

Banksy is a controversial graffiti artist as well political activist and film director who happens to be one of the most sought after artists to have appeared out of the UK for over a decade – this of course is disputable, as many people all over the world will argue. Unlike many other famous artists, Bansky has tried to keep his identity under wraps for years. Yet, with such a controversial reputation, it’s no wonder that keeping his identity a mystery has proven to be a challenge. He has featured his work around the world, raising eyebrows whilst gaining world-wide recognition and hundreds of thousands of followers. Very little is known about Banksy’s background despite the rebellious messages he has exposed around the globe, though many have declared to have figured out who he is. Banksy is known for his graffiti art as well as his stencils and drawings. He is also recognised for his installation art and political projects. Some of his most favourable work can be viewed on public walls around Great Britain. His all-embracing use of stencils has enabled Banksy to work at a faster pace while also sustaining his obscurity. Whilst gaining fame, Banksy has also gained fortune – quite a substantial one at that! His work is featured in renowned galleries around the world and acquired by collectors at astounding prices. For the people who have been lucky enough to own Banksy art – be it on a wall or as a drawing – have been able to sell them for hundreds of thousands of pounds to the rich and famous, including Brad Pitt and Christina Aguilera.



Banksy opens hotel in Bethlehem

The ever exciting and elusive Banksy is back with a brand new project! The artist just opened a real


I Fought The Law And I Won (AP, Yellow)

Nola (AP, Green to Blue)

Girl With Balloon

Jack & Jill (Police Kids)

Cheeky Monkey

Cop Car

His Masters Voice


Western Super Mare

Love Rat

Rat (with 3D glasses)

Every time I Make Love to You I Think of Someone Else

Soup can 'Original Colorway'

Rude Copper

Love is in the Air (Flower Thrower)

Have a Nice Day

Bomb Middle England

Queen Victoria

Weston Super Mare

Happy Choppers

Monkey Queen

Turf War

Golf Sale

Virgin Mary

Stop & Search

Radar Rat