June 2 - July 31 2017



A group exhibition with SEEN, RISK and PRO176

Bringing together 3 of the world’s most renowned and iconic street artists in one show, Vroom &Varossieau Urban Contemporary Art presents ‘ICONS’ a group exhibition with SEEN (US), RISK (US) and PRO176 (FR). ‘ICONS’ will run from the 1st of June through the 31st of July 2017.

Why ‘ICONS’?
An icon can mean many things. It stems from the ancient Greek word “Eikon”,meaning a mirror like representation. In art history when we speak of icon’s we talk about small religious images painted on wood, an icon was an object of devotion. In present day icons usually stand for the pictorial representation of something, for example the internet browser icon on your computer or the icon for your app-store on your phone. Icons are representations of a larger whole, like the eiffel tower has become an icon for the city of Paris and when we look at superheroes, one of the favourite subjects of SEEN and PRO176, they too are represented by their icons. Batman’s bat on a yellow background, Captain America’s prolific round shield in the colors of the US and of course when we see the shiny red S in it’s yellow triangle, we think of Superman straight away. Similarly SEEN, RISK and PRO176 have become artistic icons in their own right. Each in their own way becoming iconic through the years, representing the absolute top of graffiti culture and street art.

Location: Amsterdam

Vroom &Varossieau specializes in street art and urban contemporary art by internationally celebrated artists as well as emerging talent. The gallery also arranges licenses and commissions for murals, for artists. Vroom &Varossieau advises private collectors in buying and selling works of art (private sales).

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