Invader is an anonymous French street artist best known for pixelated mosaics installed in cities around the world. Invader’s works are composed of tiles resembling the vintage graphics from the video game Space Invaders, the source of the artist’s pseudonym. “I have never been tempted to reveal my identity,” the artist has said. “What I do and create is more important than who exactly I am.” Invader uses public space as a canvas and has “invaded” streets on an international scale with a unique brand of graffiti, taking imagery from popular culture and translating it into chunky, retro graphics. Born in 1969 in Paris, France, Invader currently lives and works in the city, and received a diploma from the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

At its core, the French artist’s work has always taken virtual, digital imagery and re-imagines it in physical, tactile tiles that the public are able to see and touch in the street. Invader has now made it even easier to interact with his works by creating the Flash Invader app, which involves hunting down his art and taking a picture of it. All of the mosaics have become an integral part of cities all over the world such as Amsterdam, Paris, Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Tokyo and many many more (67 to be exact!). Playing the game on the app requires the users to explore and interact with the artworks and their environment.