Bustart was born in 1983 in Switzerland. His goal is to affect and touch. Be it surface or opinions. From the beginning on he knew, that it's every bodies responsibility to create their surrounding according to their imagination. His works intend to leave the spectator questioning the issue behind the subject, speculating about it and enjoying it or not. He loves to provoke with his works. For example he placed a urinating Child in the corner, where a camera is installed to detain people from urinating. At the same time other motives of him are calm, friendly and cute. No matter how and where, with the right motive you can contribute yourself everywhere. Meanwhile Bust gets invited to several events per year. The organizer can rely on Bust’s skill to engage himself into the events' momentum.

There is no technique Bust doesn’t use in his pictures. Freehand with paint-brushes, markers and cans or stencils up to 8 layers. For him, there’s no limit! His favorite tools are markers and spray cans and as background definitely concrete walls. Because it has its own structure and it’s naturally grey begs for a new coating! In the work that is produced in his studio he processes the impressions he picks up on the street everyday. By traveling through the world he experiences different cultures and new input. Due to his immense creativity he usually has several projects in process at the same time.

His style is like his methode - versatile. Most widely known are his stencil works. Furthermore he spreads out his comic style creatures. Most famous is probably his dog character, which is a mix of rat, dog and other animals. Besides the letter B in different variations, he later on decided to use this character as one of his logos.