F is for... graFFiti

Posted on September 15, 2018

Fendi knows that F is for graFFiti too! 

The relationship between street art and fashion has always been present and, up until today, we have witnessed major collaborations which proved to be outstanding; be it Richard Hambleton with Armani, RETNA and Luis Vuitton, or Futura 2000 for HYPEBEAST.

Just a few days ago, eight Italian artists were gathered on Fendi’s HQ rooftop, in the city of Rome, to cover it with explosive and fluorescent colors. Each artists was to give his/her own interpretation of the word ‘Graffiti’, to demonstrate the power of such form of art. 

The event was part of the ‘F is for Fendi’ crew, the brand’s new communication platform that aims to reach the younger generation and its frenetic energy. 

To Rome with love!