Banksy strikes again!

Posted on March 19, 2018

While ending our last article about Banksy with the words 'hopefully to be continued ...", we could not imagine he would strike again so fast. But he did: he has created a New York-based mural dedicated to the Turkish artist Zehra Dogan, who was reportedly jailed for nearly three years over a painting.

The anonymous British artist does include multiple black tally marks resembling jail bars, each representing a day Dogan has spent in prison. A rendering of Dogan appears behind one set, her left-hand bar changed into a pencil.

The painting that led to Dogan’s imprisonment — depicting a destroyed Turkish city — was projected above the mural on the evening of the 15 March.

"One year ago Zehra Dogan was jailed for painting a watercolour of a photograph she saw in the newspaper. Protest against this injustice by re-gramming her painting and tagging Turkey’s President Erdogan #FREEzehradogan" - Banksy

According to The New York Times, the artwork stands at 70-foot-long. “I really feel for her,” Banksy told the paper. “I’ve painted things much more worthy of a custodial sentence.”