Gross Domestic Product - The homeware store by Banksy

Banksy is back in the limelight , just at the start of London’s Frieze week. Locals of the London’s Croydon neighbourhood noticed an unusual window shop display for a shop named Gross Domestic Product.

Gross Domestic Product is Banksy his very own “homeware store”, although no pieces will be sold through the shop. All will be sold via which is yet to come online. The shop windows are filled with intricate conceptual pieces, ranging from signed spray cans to a baby crib under video surveillance.

This stunt does not come at random, multiple sources report the artist has stated its in an effort to maintain ownership of his trademark as it is being disputed by a greetings card company. Thus the choice to sell merchandise to establish said ownership raised as a solution.

Banksy has also stated that all the proceeds from selling pieces will go to buying a new migrant rescue boat. “So you may well be committing a criminal offense by purchasing them.”

Photo’s Margitte Verwoerdt

Photo’s Margitte Verwoerdt

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