Urban Art Singapore

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Urban Art Singapore is an event that follows up a collaboration which began in April 2017 with the exhibition ‘Cannot Be Bo(a)rded’, which started off in Singapore during the ‘Aliwal Urban Art Festival’ but extended to Kuala Lumpur and eventually Paris, where 10 more french artists were added to the project.

This year’s exhibition will celebrate the multidisciplinary creative diversity within Singapore, through graffiti, photography, installations, music, dance, virtual reality, food, sculptures, and many more media.
However Urban Art Singapore will not be the classic fair that comes and goes. This year, Urban Art Singapore will be the mark of a new start, a “new adventure off the beaten track”: that of organizing Urban Art Fair on the archipelago itself, Urban Art Fair | Singapore 2020. Opening doors to a new creative and exciting market, allowing us to capture parts of Singapore’s urban expression.

Times and Location:
Exhibition from Feburary 1st to 17th
Opening January 31st 2019 from 6pm to 10pm
Opening times : everyday from 11am to 8pm
27 bd Jules Ferry 75011 Paris


MariaGiulia Miyakawa