Vroom &Varossieau is happy to announce that our good friend D*Face is about to debut in the Pacific Northwest, with his first solo exhibition in Seattle: “HOME IS WHERE THE heART IS”. 

The opening will take place at Pioneer Square on Thursday, the 2nd of August, from 6pm to 9pm, during the First Thursday Art Walk. 
The exhibition will showcase, aside from new and never seen before works, part of his iconic illustrations of Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth II, as well as a selection of both new and old works with the idea of reflecting the artist’s career from his earlier times until today. 

D*Face explained that with this exhibition, he saw the opportunity to take a moment to reflect upon images and icons that inspired his work and that shaped its style from the very beginning. For the exhibition to take place in Seattle meant for D*Face to be able to highlight the relationship between past and new, and to honor a city which, like his work, echoes “an anti-establishment mentality”. 

Don’t miss out if you happen to be there! 

You can check more about the artist here

Menno Zandleven