Together with the Stedelijk museum, Studio DRIFT will be hosting the European premiere of Franchise Freedom in Amsterdam, starting on the 10th of August 2018 the performance will be held until the 12th. 

The European premiere of Franchise Freedom consists of a flying installation, made up of 300 drones (luminous Intel™ Shooting Star Drones) that will give the impression of a stream of stars, by brightening up in the sky and illuminating the IJ river. 

The exhibition takes place up above the IJ, in front of Amsterdam Central Station. Although free of admission, the hosts recommend to admire it from specific locations, best being PLLEK and NDSM at Amsterdam Noord. 

The event will therefore start after sunset, around 10pm, given the right whether. For this reason is best to follow them for regular updates regarding the time of start. 
It's the first time that the region of Amsterdam allows such a big amount of drones to fly in the form of an art display. The exhibition holds a lot of harmony and meaning, click here for more information on the backstory and regular updates. 

Menno Zandleven