The New Dictators, documentary

Posted on October 10, 2018

LAB111 will be screening The New Dictators, on Friday October 26.

The New Dictators is a documentary, in which the artists themselves narrate the graffiti culture of Helsinki. The picture describes the history and evolution of such culture from the innocent starts of graffiti in the mid 80s, through the vandalism and enthusiasm of the 90s, to the escalated, intolerable policies of the 2000s.

The documentary will not only give you an idea of what it was like to live within the graffiti vibes of Finland’s southern capital, it will also give you an insight into the actions and meanings behind the graffiti artists of the period. And of course you can expect to see an archive of classic mural pieces, tagging, and running away from cops.

This fascinating documentary will give you a piece of graffiti history, and an overall understanding of the subject. So, whether you think you know everything or not, head over to watch it!

The feature film will be openend with an exlusive short film 'Harder they come' about Helsinki Inside bombing scene (8 mm, 4 mins, 1997).

Checkin on their Facebook event, here.


“LAB111 is a quirky cult cinema located in a monumental…” laboratory in Amsterdam west. Their programme is exceptional, and consists of movies that encourage us to think, get inspired, and use our imagination. Often culturally enriching too.

Aside the cinema, you can enjoy their events, or spend some time in the cool restaurant above the theatre.

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