Stockholm: Rågsved’s Snösätra

Posted on April 26, 2018

Sweden, country of international cultural herritage such as Abba, Björn Borg, Dolph Lundgren, Zlatan Ibrahimović and Ikea. It is a country full of creativity and talent.

I am in Stockholm, enjoying the sun and the view in the old city, which has got a lot of culture and history, well organized, untainted. The city thanks it nickname ‘Venice of the North’, due to the fact that the islands are connected with a total of fourteen bridges. Together, it makes one city, with a population from almost one million residents. In the 20th century the city became famous, because of its architecture and modernism, so it not weird that  I am confronted with beautiful impressive buildings. The 21st century has also brought out a worldwide cultural movement, which could also be spotted inside Stockholm: street art.

Situated in the suburb of Rågsved, the run-down industrial area of Snösätra industriområde is certainly off the beaten path and well hidden. However, it is well worth a visit for anyone with interest in street art. Both Swedish and international artists bring their signature style each year, and there’s also an open wall where anyone who respects the rules is welcome to showcase their artistry.

Since 2014 when permission was warranted for the grey and debilitated walls to be painted over by graffiti and street art artists, Snösätra Graffiti Wall of Fame has become one of Europe´s largest graffiti/street art exhibitions.

The initiative to transform Snösätra into an oasis of artistic freedom was made by te group managing Snösätra Hall of Fame.

The future of Snösätra is uncertain, as there are plans to turn it into a residential area. As of yet, it’s still a refuge region for people who like graffiti and street art.

Nowadays practically every sliver of the walls along the streets running through the neighbourhood is covered, with a diversity of styles, images of people, animals, and objects are exhibited where ever space is available. The owners of the buildings are perfectly willing to let the artists cover the walls with their work.

Every spring, artists from Sweden and beyond descend upon the neighbourhood to create new pieces as part of an annual street art festival.

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Text & Photography: © Henk Warrink / NCO Photography