Posted on October 17, 2018

Kallenbach Gallery together with Ingrid Trijzelaar, is curating São Paulo-based artist Cripta Djan’s first solo exhibition in the Netherldans: Caligrafia Marginal. The opening will be on November 1st (2018), from 5 to 8pm.

The exhibition is an introduction to the substantial history behind the significance of Pixação, a unique style combining the anger of a revolutionary youth - dating back to the military government of the 60s. And the heavy metal music - increasingly popular among youngsters in São Paulo during the transaction to democracy during the 80s.
Cripta Djan is among the most recognized names of Pixação.

This art is exclusive to Brazilian metropolises: considered critical graffiti and directed at the core establishment of the country, mostly found in inaccessible and dangerous parts of the city.
Although Pixo is punishable by law, the autodidact and often economically marginalized youth, angered by corruption and economic inequality, is not afraid of the risks involved in representing the vulnerable and voiceless neighborhoods, through Pixãçao.

Born as Djan Ivson in 1984 (São Paulo), Cripta Djan started to pixar at age 12, when he first joined the local gang Cripta - to which he still belongs. He is one of the first to practice escalada: free climbing (with no safety equipment) 20 story skyscrapers, marking never before touched walls all over the city.

‘The pixador is one of the most legitimate artists because he is not after financial gain – we risk and spend but often gain nothing.’ - Cripta Djan

The work of Cripta Djan, with repeating motifs and geometric letters, always carries a social meaning. His work is part of this year's Biennale d’Architectura in Venice, as well as being shown in galleries in Brazil, New York, Spain, United Kingdom, and now Amsterdam.

Here the artist will explain his work further through a Q&A session, and a screening of the documentary "Pixadores" (click here for the event of the screening).

For more information on the event, click here.