New TV Show: Street Art Challenge

Posted on October 10, 2018

One of the biggest projects we recently worked on, involved Insight TV and with it the launch of new, global, street art show: Street Art Challenge!
The wait is over, we finally have the show we were all dreaming of. Street Art Challenge highlights the incredible work of different international artists, which usually use the cities as their canvas with mesmerizing and often controversial images. The show will be an eight-episode series, and will premiere this October, on the 16th.

During Street Art Challenge, the artist will then have to compete in a challenge, in which they will have to collaborate together and mix their diverse styles to satisfy a (specific) client with a one of a kind street art work. As if it weren't enough, each episode will be shot in a different location, and we are speaking of: Ibiza, Hong Kong, Russia, Greece, India, Holland, Portugal, and the UK.

The artists that will take part in this challenge are, The London Police that on the first episode will work with fiery ELLE, Dan Kitchener, Charles Williams, Sickbay, Zosen Bandido, Christina Angelina, Abstrk, Ricardo Gonzalez, The Bearded Wizard (Ullas Hydoor), Neequaye Dreph Dsnae, Nuno Viegas, Daas, Bart Smeets, Hugo Kaagman, and finally Artiste Ouvrier.

Vroom & Varossieau collaborated together with Insight TV to arrange the artists for Street Art Challenge.

Remember, the premiere will be on October 16, 2018! Looking forward to it!
If you click here, you will find Insight’s magazine with further content.