MONIKER International Art Fair

Posted on September 14, 2018

The 9th edition of Moniker Art Fair is approaching fast! This coming 4th of October will mark the beginning of what is now considered to be one of the most exciting and representative fair of the urban culture and contemporary art. 

Ever since the very start, in 2010, Moniker’s innovative approaches, substantial, and varied events have set an increasing growth of audience and relevance.
Moniker enables each artist to recreate as much as possible a unique and creative setting for their work, by stepping aside from the traditional grounds of art fairs, and challenging the familiar take with a focus centered on curation, innovation, and engagement.

It’s aim is to increase awareness of new and established talent, from the rapidly increasing and diverse movement of contemporary arts. This way attracting internationally renowned artists, galleries, and collectors; blending the culture and subcultures of street art with the finer side of it. 

This year Moniker International Art Fair will take place from the 4th until the 7th of October 2018 in London, UK.

The artists’ line up: Vermibus, TAG fine art, Creative debuts, Jewelly Goodby Contemporary, INSA, Spoke Art, Roman Fine Art, Heliotrope Foundation, Nelly Duff, Jonathan Levine Projects, Bom.K, Egle Zvirblyte, Jose Miguel Mendez, ICY&SOT, Le Grand Jeu, Derek Gores, ASVP, Meres One

The galleries’ line up: Vertical gallery, Super Chief gallery, Vinyl on Vinyl, DPD gallery, COX gallery, Thinkspace Projects, Taezoo Park and Faith XLVII, Merc’art, Azart gallery, over the influence, Janet Lehr Fine Arts 

This year, some of their innovative approaches include the idea of open studios, which engage in a more immersive, interactive, and educative communication between artist and public.
The risk of involving young galleries, operating for only two years or less but nevertheless give spotlight to new outstanding artists.
And of course expanded programmes that will hold mural projects, film and music, cultural events, talks and debates together with The Arts Conference, and give way to interactive, multimedia, and multidisciplinary activities. 

On their website you can find more information on the fair itself, and how to apply your own work for exhibiting it!