Marina Bay ArtScience museum kicks off Art from the Streets with day of Conversations

Posted on January 11, 2018

A new exhibition on (the history of) street art opens on the 13th of January 2018 in the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Art from the Streets will trace back 40 years of Street Art – from its countercultural beginnings to its extraordinary evolution as a contemporary art form. To kick the exhibition off in style, there will be a extensive speaking programme called Conversations: If Walls Could Talk, on it's opening day. 

Conversations will delve into the multiplicity of street art and its evolution over the last four decades as a global phenomenon, and looks at how it is transforming the way that the city is perceived and lived. The programme will look into the diversity of artistic expressions in response to our changing urban environment and it's challenges. 

The day will be divided into two sessions, each looking into different aspects of street art and urban contemporary art. The first session will be more of an overview and lookback into the history, evolution and ultimately the current developments in street art. The different speakers will also look into how an art form, which relies on public property as a canvas and is in its purest form a democratic form of creativity, can continue to exist and flourish in our city. The second session brings together speakers for a cross-sector discussion on the freedom of artistic expression and a shared idea of what it is, looking across the spectrum of socially engaged practices that are actively defining, shaping and challenging our contemporary environment. Amongst the speakers will be: Honor Harger, the Executive Director of the ArtScience Museum, Madga Danysz, the Parisian gallerist that curated the show and Remi Rough the famous artist. But expect many more interesting artist and people from all across the creative sector. Please make sure to check the Events Facebook page for the complete list of speakers and the final schedule!

Image courtesy of Magda Danysz Gallery