Helsinki Art Museum presents: "Graffitti"

Posted on March 09, 2018

From the 6th of April until the 9th of September, the Helsinki Art Museum(HAM) presents the exhibition "Graffiti".The Graffiti exhibition examines the historical roots and present manifestations of graffiti, with particular focus on the connection between Helsinki’s graffiti culture and the international scene. It also presents contemporary art that uses urban space in the same way as graffiti and has a similar attitude of autonomy. The exhibition includes documentary material and works by artists from Helsinki and international artists.

Helsinki has a rich and varied history of street art and especially graffiti, which first appeared in the city in the mid-1980s, influenced by films and photography books on New York City’s graffiti culture. Ten years ago, in 2008, the City of Helsinki discontinued its anti-graffiti project, Stop the Scrawls. After the unconditionally negative public attitudes, the different forms of street art have received more favourable attention.

The exhibition will also include artworks that deal with autonomous repossession of urban space. Last but not least, the exhibition presents works from HAM’s collection that have been primarily inspired by the graffiti culture.