Posted on November 09, 2018

With a debut of four large-scale bronze sculptures, and a new series of paintings, GONE will stand for KAWS’ inaugural show upon joining Skarstedt Gallery; who is happy to to present the exhibition from Novemeber 8 to December 19, 2018.

With the sculptures ranging from 6 to 8ft tall, GONE will preserve their visual familiarity while simultaneously seeking moments of careful contemplation: The iconic Chum will no longer be seen as charging towards the future, but rather solemnly standing with it’s head low. This year’s CHUM is isolated, discouraged and still, compared to the previous CHUM we’ve seen: confident and tenacious. This way however, KAWS aims to hint at the ever more complex cultural and political situations we currently live in.

The sculpture GONE (above), resembling a pose similar to the classic Pietà, is too suggesting a feeling of sadness and a depiction of loss around it. Though is up to your own interpretation to view the posture of the COMPANION as reflection of mercy, sacrifice, or heroism. The artist’s constant ability to portray these figures with each a specific and detectable personality, affirms his skills and commitment to the practice of manipulating form, shape, surface and color in a unique way. A way which enables the audience to have an immediate response, and often a sense of identification within the sculptures.

The message that the exhibition GONE portrays is also visible through the series of new paintings, which feature a different color palette - exclusive to this work. With rich ‘earthy’ tones and his signature ‘X’, the artist depicts abstract landscapes and metaphorical figures.

Two new multi-paneled paintings will also be revealed. Which stand in between the definition of installation and painting, due to their impotent depth and scale. Similar to the repetitive and seriality of Warhol’s traditional work, the audience is invited to understand each piece individually or as a whole - again, another symbolic representation of today’s cultural connection and disconnection.

GONE is an exhibition as much as an experience, it will leave you mesmerized between the painting and bronzes, but also aware of our current surroundings and the delicate paradox of emotions.

The exhibition will run until the 19th of December, with the gallery open Tuesday/Friday from 9.30am to 6pm. And Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

Image Details: KAWS, GONE, 2018. © KAWS. Courtesy of the artist and Skarstedt, New York.

Skarstedt (20 E. 79th Street, New York, NY) was founded in 1994 by Per Skarstedt to mount historical exhibitions by Contemporary European and American artists. The New York gallery's program focuses on concepts such as representation, authorship, identity, and sexual politics across a wide range of media. Skarstedt's unique relationship with artists allows it to present museum quality exhibitions both on the primary and secondary markets, creating a dialogue between the generations.