ART IS NOT A CRIME 1977-1987

Posted on October 17, 2018

Something to experience!

Art Is Not a Crime 1977-1987 is the first major event devoted to the works of photographer and documentary-maker Henry Chalfant (U.S.A., 1940), the greatest ambassador of graffiti culture. Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the premiere of his legendary documentary, Style Wars, and the publication of the book, Subway Art. Pieces of documentation through which the whole world got to perceive and understand the initiating hiphop and graffiti culture, from a real perspective.

Curated by Spanish artist SUSO33 (one of the most important graffiti writers in his home country, and to whom Chalfant is a mentor), the exhibition was born as a tribute to Henry. With the intention to present the character and works: a true anthropological view of an artistic movement that transformed the urban landscape and contemporary culture of the past decades, graffiti

“What impulsed me to organize this exhibition is the debt so many graffiti writers have to Henry Chalfant, who universalized a culture that many young people have adapted as their own.”- SUSO33

It will be the biggest hip-hop event of the year. In a perfect surrounding, and with spectacular visuals, the opening was to enter with torches, in a darkness that resembled the ambient of the first subway graffiti artists. With breakers in the galleries, living legends of the movement, and a standing ovation to the protagonist, Henry Chalfant, the opening took place on the 27th of September 2018.

27 September - 18 November 2018

Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente - CEART Fuenlabrada
Av. Leganés, 51
Fuenlabrada, Madrid, España

You can find the Facebook event here.