Vroom and Varossieau at URVANITY

Posted on February 10, 2017

URVANITY in Madrid is the newest  and most forward thinking Art Fair in Europe. As the first and only New Contemporary Art fair in Spain, URVANITY will set out to celebrate New and Urban Contemporary Art by having the best galleries showcasing works by the very top artists from the scene. The fair will be held on the 23rd until the 26th of February and we are more than exited to announce our plans for this art fair.

At URVANITY we will bring six works by Street Art legend Banksy to the fair to serve as a temporary solo exhibition. Displaying works such as "Everytime I make love to you I think of Someone else"  and "Cheeky Monkey". It will be the first time these works will be on display in Spain, we are very proud to present them at the fair. 

Apart from bringing Banksy to the fair, we will also show works by Cranio, Ben Eine and the London Police. Of course we aren't the only gallery at URVANITY, there will be a total of 17 international galleries, showing works by D*Face, Jeff Aerosol and Findac and many others. So if you are in Madrid in the last week of February make sure to stop by the Netupno Palace, enjoy all the wonderful art and come to our stand to say ¡hola!