The Wanderers: Art is Adventure

Posted on March 30, 2017

This Monday (3 April) The Wanders will premiere on the Australian Broadcasting Channels online viewing platform iView. Directed by Vroom and Varossieau favorite Selena Miles, the 28 year old graffiti and street art filmmaker, the series will profile six of Australia’s most exciting muralists. The artist that will feature in the mini series are: Dabs Myla, Elliot Routledge (Numskull), Guido van Helten, Georgia Hill, Rone and one more yet to be announced. 

The premise of each episode is the same, the artist will go to an Australian location of their choosing, where they will use their art practices to learn more about themselves, the place, and the influence of a new environment on their individual artistic styles. Rather than just a talking head documentary, the cinematographic style will also reflect the artistic style and mind of the artist. Aiming to be not just a informational insight but also a real artistic exploration of the world of these artists. 

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Photography and video by: Selina Miles, Drew MacDonald, The Wanderers