The Red Mice District featured in Juxtapoz Magazine

Posted on January 05, 2017

While the preperations for our next show, Jaune's first solo exhibition "I Wish You Could See This For Real ", are at full swing here at Vroom and Varossieau. Our firends from Juxtapoz Magazine recently wrote an great little piece and review of our last show: Luiz Risi's Red Mice District. All the writing credits go out to Sasha Bogojev. You can read the article below: 


January 02, 2017

Supported by the army of Amsterdam-based artists and creatives, Vroom &Varossieau gallery recently introduced "The Red Mice District" project by Luiz Risi. This fun project includes public works, gallery show and series of short films created around the idea of a Red Mice District existing on the streets of Dutch capital.

Always seeing Amsterdam as Disneyland for adults, the Brazilian-artist had an idea to create a miniature version of its infamous Red Light District for the fellow rodent citizens. So, he created a series of pencil drawings showing sexy mice wearing skimpy outfits, created limited edition prints of them, and placed those on strategic positions around the infamous neighborhood. Framed and highlighted with a small LED lights, these pieces are all documented on a map created for the project and the originals were on view @ Vroom &Varossieau gallery. Knowing that in 2016 local heath service received 17 percent more complaints about the rodents than in 2014, and an estimate of one rat per resident are living around the canals and streets of the city, this action also has an important raising awareness note aside for it's obvious fun element.