Street Art meets Martial Art in Amsterdam

Posted on June 22, 2017

What do a Street Artist and a Martial Art fighter have in common? Maybe at first glance not that much, except that you have to have serious balls and a strong sense of commitment if you want to succeed in both fields. Other than that, the two might seem worlds apart. However, this isn't the case for legendary Amsterdam street artist Mick La Rock (Aileen Middel) and topflight Martial Art fighter Regian "The Immortal" Eersel. 

The unlikely duo will be making a specially designed mural by Mick la Rock together in their home ground of the Bijlmer in Amsterdam this Saturday. Hoping not only to build bridges between the art and sports world, that seems so different from each other, but also to lift the negative stigma's attached to them.

Both in their own way addicted to the fighting sports, the two met at their local Amsterdam gym through a mutual friend. Mick and Regian both know what it's like working hard and representing Amsterdam in the US. Mick la Rock as one of the only Dutch and female in the New York Graffiti Scene and Regian coming up through the ranks and now holding the LF League World Title in the US. Mick la Rock has dabbled in creating art for sports before when she designed the logo for Muaythai fighter Lennart Blijd.

Saturday the 24th of June the happening will start at 10:00 but especially after 13:00 it will be interesting for Street Art fans and Combat Sports alike. Make sure to stop by in the Bijlmer, Amsterdam South-East, at the Kraaiennest playground to celebrate art and sport at this cool event!