Posted on May 03, 2017

Running until the 4th of June 2017, OUTSIDE IN is a ambitious project in Miami that provides a contextual framework for murals produced for the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project by exploring the relationship between individual studio practices and public commissions. 

Artists included in this conversation approach public work from varied perspectives, some from a studio background and others from street art or graffiti backgrounds. Each public mural is a collaboration between an artist, the CRA, individual property owners, and Project Manager Jill Weisberg. Rather than take a survey approach, OUTSIDE IN focuses on the experiential and immersive by artists working in both private and public spheres OUTSIDE IN includes site-specific installations, sketches, and objects within the galleries, which attempt to define the parameters between painting and sculpture, graffiti, street art, and public art. The aim of OUTSIDE IN is to further define the importance of constructing dialogues between urban walls and activating everyday spaces. 

On May the 16th Amsterdam base The London Police will give an artist talk about their practice and history as muralists. They will talk about the differences and similarities in studio work and work on the streets and their artistic developments in both fields. 

Participating artists: Andrew Antonaccio, Miami; Daniel Fila, Miami; Diana Contreras, Miami; Eduardo Mendieta aka Emo, Miami; Ernesto Maranje, Miami; Filio Galvez, Miami; Georgeta Fondos, Fort Lauderdale; Henning Haupt, Fort Lauderdale; Doug Hoekzema aka Hoxxoh, Miami; Jay Bellichi aka Remote, Miami; Jessy Nite, Miami; Kenny Scharf, Los Angeles, CA; Kenton Parker, Los Angeles, CA; Logan Hicks, New York, NY; Michelle Weinberg, Miami; Nice’n Easy, Miami; Nicole Salcedo , Miami; Rone, Melbourne, Australia; Luis Pinto, Oakland, CA; Tati Suarez, Miami; TM Sisters, Miami; Yenta, San Diego, CA.