Opening of new exhibition by SIT at Kallenbach Gallery

Posted on November 02, 2017

On Thursday the 9th of November a new exhibition by SIT titled TOODAY will open at Kallenbach Gallery. It is no secret we are big fans of both SIT and Nanna (from Kallenbach gallery), as we did a big mural for Sushi Samba with them recently. SIT's works are always beautiful and totally captivating and this show is bound to be a good one.

Always the observer of his time, looking out at the world around him, SIT reveals his most personal body of work to date. He returns to the core of his unaltered energy. This impulsive way of working allows him to transfer the action and energy present in the artist’s studio directly onto the canvas. Not surprisingly, this series leads the artist to shed his SIT monniker to use his real name; Sidney Waerts. The crow has been a constant factor in his work, ever since his early paintings. In this new series the artist’s point of view falls in line with the vantage point of a crow; observing society from a distance, leading to perspectives high and low. Soaring through the sky looking down at the abstract city infrastructures, in the process of being built up and torn down - man’s ability to survive in between. But also low perspectives; scuffing on a subway platform, looking up at those coming and going, and those that stand still. All captured in the raw unaltered energy the artist is known for. And from now on that artist is also known as: SIDNEY WAERTS.