Open Air Street Art Museum Rotterdam

Posted on November 17, 2017

Supported by local authorities the city of Rotterdam is creating an ‘open air’ museum in the city by creating big murals made by well respected (international) artists. Close to Rotterdam Central train station, new street art will be added to the already existing (mural sized) paintings. The Rotterdam alliance ‘West-Kruiskade’ and ‘Buro Binnenstad’ initiated this project, supported by the Rotterdam Street Art Museum. This project contains a total of seven new paintings, located in the streets ‘Kruisplein’ up to ‘Tiendplein.’ The time schedule will be mainly 2018, but the first two paintings are added in October 2017. The first artist is Insane 51. Stathis Tsavalias a.k.a. Insane 51 is born in 1992 and is a Greek mural artist that started as a graffiti/street art artist in 2007. His artistic background; Athens School of Fine Arts and he has also studied graphic art and applied arts.His specialty is realism and photorealistic portraits combined with 3D and illusion effects. He has taken part in several art exhibitions (Lobart Festival, Designwars Exhibition) in several graffiti festivals through Europe (Step in the arena, Thessaloniki Street Art Festival, Hip Hop Shop Graffiti Jams, Ram the Spot, Living Color Festival, Roskilde festival, Overline festival) and also in several art events such as Live Paintings (La Machine Infernale Tattoo Lille, Athens Rockwave Festival, Athens Tattoo Convention,Euro Tattoo convention, Colour Our Day festival). The façade of the Richard Shoe shop will be decorated with a particular Insane 51 portrait, in a 3 dimensional painting.

The second artist is WD. Nearby Insane 51, WD has got it’s working location, at the corner of ‘West-Kruiskade/Coolsestraat.’. Wild Drawing (WD) is born in Bali, Indonesia, and graduated in ‘Fine Arts’ and ‘Applied Arts’. He started as a street artist in 2000. WD has participated in group- and graffiti-Street Art festivals, in Asia, Europe en America. His work is published in Street art related books from publishing houses like Thames &
Hudson, Éditions Alternatives and Lonely Planet. His mixture of eastern and western influences creates a unique style. Just like Insane 51, WD aims especially on ambitious mural paintings. And similar to Insane 51 the paintings will be made by use of paint roller and spray paint. His style is based on realistic techniques, influenced by cartoon strips and graphic novells.
Text & Photography: © Henk Warrink / NCO Photography