Ludo "The Ten Commitments" at The Garage in Amsterdam

Posted on October 11, 2017

Our dear friends of The Garage gallery here in Amsterdam, have an awesome new show in their calendar. This Friday (the 13th!) "The Ten Commitments" by French artist Ludo will open. The show will run for this weekend only and will not only feature 10 works on paper but also 10 tattoos. 

Ludo is known for his nature and technology hybrids that display his dystopian yet romantic musings through his impeccable hand. For this weekend long show, Ludo wants to highlight the fact that people don't seem very committed to their passions and goals anymore today. The artists says: "Everyday I I cross people with wishes and dreams, but how of them have goals they are truly willing to commit to?" "Be happy, be depresse, be naughty, be rich.... but at least go for it!" 

For people to prove that they are truly "going for it"Ludo has also designed 10 tattoos, wich can be done on the spot in the gallery by an Amsterdam tattoo artist. Each tattoo is to be done with black ink, however the tattoos will all be totally unique because Ludo will pick a different placement of his signature green in each tattoo.