Kingspray Festival 2017

Posted on April 29, 2017

It is not just the location (the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam), or the killer line-up (which includes

Fanakapan, Finbarr Dac, Eddie Colla, Mr. June, Sipros and many more) that make the 3rd

edition of Kings Spray Street Art Festival such a great success. It is the fact that we can celebrate

the diversity and success of the art form itself during this event, which is well organised by Street

Art Today, that makes the 27th of april a day to remember.

About Street Art Today:

Street Art Today is a promotion platform and urban art & street art agency. At the moment, they are

also setting up the world’s biggest street art museum in Amsterdam, while working on mural

paintings for our clients. Finally, they also organise the yearly Kings Spray Street Art Festival.

About Kings Spray Street Art Festival:

Located next to the future Street Art Museum of Amsterdam, the festival isolated itself from all the

other buzz at the NDSM Werf. It gives both the artists and the visitors the opportunity to enjoy the

creative process in rest. The fact that it was a bit cold and sometimes rainy didn’t ruin the vibe at

the outdoor event. The bad weather prospects also did not keep the visitors away. People of all ages

enjoyed all the festivities of the festival. From the music by Rump Funk, to a special tour, the

special Walhalla beer and all other activities: the festival had something to offer for everyone.

About the artists:

With a line-up that includes artist from all over the world, the festival has shown a divers and

talented group of artists. Some of them will be highlighted in upcoming articles, but for those who

can’t wait: have a look at the work of the artists:

a Squid called Sebastian (BE) // Bart Bosmans - Bartkore (NL)Besok (DE) // Bier en Brood (NL) //

Ces53 (NL) // Chas LoveLetters (NL)Dean Zeus Colman (EN) // Eddie Colla (USA) // Fanakapan

(EN)finbarr dac (IE) // Mr. JUNE (NL) // Nasca Uno (DE) // Nash Graffiti (NL)Nicky Nahafahik

(NL) // Philip Bosmans (BE) // Pso Man (BE)Sokar uno (DE) // Serge Kb (NL) // Sipros (BR) //

Favela Painting (NL)

They have all created works (some of them on wall, but mostly on a big canvas), which we’ll

probably see again when the Street Art Museum opens its doors.

A special note has to be included for the magical container of the duo Pipsqueak was here. They

have created the so-called ‘Peek a Boo Pipsqueak’, that children could enter and made it possible

for them to enjoy a 3D artwork. A second mention is for all the workshops that made it possible for

children to learn how to create their own piece of art.


On this special day of the Netherlands, the activities which celebrates the birthday of our king are

normally filled with music and markets. The third edition of Kings Spray has shown that using art

to celebrate the kings birthday, is an awesome and succesfull way of celebrating as well. But

moreover, it has celebrated the success of Street Art and Urban Art. With the upcoming museum

next year in the same area, I can’t wait untill next year ...

Text: Mike Warrink / Capturing Creativity

Photography: Henk Warrink / NCO Photography