Brand new Banksy Work Sold at Charity Auction for £205,000

Posted on September 16, 2017

A brand new Banksy has been auctioned off to aid peace campaigners of the Reprieve and Campaign Against Arms Trade. The work called Civilian Drone Strike raised £205,000.

The work depicts a trio of Predator drones bombing a children’s picture of a house. And it was auctioned at Art The Arms Fair, a five-day exhibition coinciding the Defence and Security Equipment International arms fair in east London this week.

The exhibition was the second half of a two-week festival of protest against the DSEI, the world’s biggest arms fair, which brought together delegations from what activists say are some of the worst human rights-abusing regimes with 1,600 makers and sellers of weapons and military equipment.

Banksy has a track record of supporting political causes with his art. In March he showcased his Walled Off hotel, nestled against the barrier wall in Bethlehem that separates the West Bank from Israel, to highlight the hardships caused by Israeli occupation.

Photo by: Banksy/