Boris Tellegen aka DELTA in the MiMa

Posted on January 30, 2017

From the 3rd of February until the 28th of May, the Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art, or MiMa, in Brussels presents Boris Tellegens (DELTA)  "A Friendly Takeover". The exhibtion will be an monumental exploration of Tellegens 20 year artistic career: from his start in the streets to museum pieces.

Rather than showing his oeuvre in a chronological order, MiMa will present the work in a intuitive and subjective style spread out over the 3 stories of the museum. Showcasing the numerous installations and sculptures using free association to bind them. This way the exhibition has something to offer for everyone and you get to feel truly emerged in Tellegens artistic world.  

Tellegen or  DELTA, is known for being one of the true European innovators of street art.Taking the movement from a hermetic subculture to a worldwide and widely recognized mainstream art scene. His work is hard to capture or define by genre's. Working ranging from graffiti works to sculptures to graphic design and architecture. His artistic practice is always multidisciplinary and forward thinking.