Banksy opens hotel in Bethlehem

Posted on March 03, 2017

The ever exciting and elusive Banksy is back with a brand new project! The artist just opened a real life working hotel on the streets of Bethlehem in Palestine, called “The Walled Off Hotel”. The nine-room art hotel is situated close to a stretch of the controversial West Bank barrier.

"The Walled Off The Walled Off Hotel" includes several murals and installation by Banksy that can be found in the each differently styled rooms, such as the “Presidential Suite” or “Room With A View”. If you are on a budget, bunk beds are also available for about €30 a night.

Installations include “Out of Service”, walled-off lift at Banksy’s hotel or “The worst view in the world” as described by the man himself about the view from his rooms. There is also a small museum, featuring a mannequin signing a copy of the Balfour declaration. This declaration lettre is often seen as the starting point of the Arab-Isreali conflicts. 

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Photograpy: Emma Graham-Harrison