An interview with Fanakapan

Posted on May 30, 2017

The artist Fanakapan creates really well thought out 3D pieces that are popping up all over the world.

During Kings Spray 2017, we were able to see this artist at work and learn more about him.

Fanakapan started painting on the streets in 2000 around Bournemouth and Bristol following his studies

at art school and finding its roots in the skate culture he was immersed in at the time. Starting out with

creating five layered stencil designs, it did not take long before Fanakapan found this an unfulfilling

medium with which to express himself. From this point he also started to hone his artistic talents in a

variety of mediums in a professional capacity.

On the street Fanakapan having taken a break from stencil based works then set to start his long

evolving journey with balloons in 2010 as his subjects of choice, initially focusing on more translucent

rubber effect designs. This marked the natural direction for Fanakapan to become immersed in, offering

much scope for the chance to develop his focus on light and shadow in order to bring his works to life.

During his creative processes, Fanakapan has also developed a new subject with which he worked with

for some time parallel his colourful helium balloon design. He calls them ‘Liquorice Allsorts creations’,

which originally started out as a letter work and soon developed into a series of delightful characters.

It is with these character that Fanakapan started to develop his technical focus upon the accompanying

shadows with which to bring his designs to life. However it was back to the rubber balloon designs which

in turn enabled him to expand his colour palette beyond a prevailing blue and pink.

Since 2014 the artist has developed a chrome based design, something which he has been pursuing in a

variety of approaches since, continuously striving and succeeding to improve and enhance his style and

effect. It demonstrates his capability to create shadow and reflective light.

When I ask Fanakapan about his definition on creativity, he answered:

“ I believe that creativity has to do with destruction, and that both creation and destruction are equal.

Everything is destroyed and everything is created. Some of my best works have gone hand in hand with

my own self destruction. Creativity keeps me sane and makes me go insane all at the same time. For

that reason, I have ‘Pain’ tattooed on one hand and the letter ‘t’on the other.”

Text: Mike Warrink / Capturing Creativity

Photography: Henk Warrink / NCO Photography