3D Art Spectacle in Dubai

Posted on February 09, 2017

Fanakapan, John Pugh, Juandres Vera and Remko van Schaik are only a few of the artists shortlisted for the Dubai Canvas Art Award. It is the world's first award to recognize creative excellence in 3D Art and will be awarded at the end of the week long Dubai Canvas Art Festival. Taking place throughout the city from 1-7 March, the outdoor festival brings together specialist artists from around the world, known for creating large-scale, optical illusion works to trick the eye. The theme of this years edition is Happiness!

The roots of contemporary 3D Art can be traced back as far as the art of the Italian street artists of the 16th century. Known as the madonnari because of their reproductions of Madonna, these artists would travel between festivals, creating works with charcoal, colored stones and chalk. In the 80's American artist Kurt Wenner invented a new kind of street art. Inspired by the use of the anamorphic perspective of the European classical masters, he created an entirely new geometry to compose images that appear to rise from, or fall into, the ground when viewed from a specific angle. These kind of spectacular street art paintings are what we now know as 3D Art.

The festival's main aim is too promote 3D Art on an international level and help it to become a recognized art form, as well as supporting and promoting the artists that create it. “The artists featured in the festival are all people who are constantly experimenting with new styles, techniques and perspectives to push the boundaries of this unique genre of art. We expect this year’s festival to be another great carnival of art and creativity,” one of the organizers, Ayesha Bin Kalli said. 

Artwork: Fanakapan
Photography: Dubai Canvas