Vika Kova presents LAND OF GOOD at Vroom and Varossieau

Posted on December 21, 2016

Amsterdam-based Russian multimedia/video artist Vika Kova, just hijacked the Museumplein. In a space invading, social experiment Kova pushes to create more awareness for ender-symmetry and the balance between men and women in general. 

Land of Good is a long term art project which started in 2014 when Vika asked herself and others questions about what a truly genders-symmetrical society would look like. Since then, her entire creative effort has been put into creating a virtual world that could answer these questions. Haressing the power of art to serve as a conceptual tool, her digital canvases, multimedi frames, video installations and guerilla actions and performances always employ visuals and sound to confront the spectator and their social mores. 

Without permission from the Stedelijk Museum and in true steet art style Vika was brave enough to invade a busy public space for her art practice, leaving many spectators and bystanders in awe of her work. After the social experiment people where invited to visit the Vroom and Varossieau gallery to partake in her art even more, as the gallery and it's current exhibition The Red Mice District were also taken over by Vika. Creating a submerging guerilla exhibit with several mutlimedia and video-works. This short term exhibtion will be visible at our gallery at Willemsparkweg 134 till this Friday.