Unique Mat Smalls Artwork for Sol's Local Heroes

Posted on November 21, 2016

In 2015 Mexican beer brand Sol celebrated unique and inspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world in their "Local Heroes" campaign. In an effort to "inspire more people to do what they love" the Local Heroes campaign showcased the work and life of the entrepreneurs in a very special way. Each "hero" was teamed-up with a famous streetartist, to create an large-piece artwork to represent the individuality of the entrepreneurs and their line of work. 

Mat Small was linked to English designer Paul Firbank, better known as "The Rag and Bone Man". In his London studio Firbank transformes objects most people would view as rubbish and gives them a new life as somehing completly differtent. Making beautifully crafted design pieces and artwork out of scraps, old and discarted pieces of metal or old furniture he find in junk yards and grease shops. Both have a common love for discared metal and to  honour this way of working Small created his portraitpainting of Firbank on a unsual canvas; a old plane wing. This truly special work of art is big in size and vision and has an unique textural feel. 

This artwork is now available at Vroom &Varossieau. For more information make sure to contact us: 

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