Uninhibited Mural Festival featuring Cranio and The London Police

Posted on November 26, 2016

Uninhibited Urban Art Magazine and The Collective Art Miami present Uninhibited Mural Festival Miami 2016. Many of the most renowned street artist of the moment will be live painting their murals on the 25th of November during this festival and of course their works wil be visible all though (and long after) Miami Art Week. 

Our very own "lads" from The London Police will be there and don't miss the new and spectacularly big mural by brazillian artist Cranio, who is brightening up the streets with an enormous mural featuring his famous blue amazonians. Both TheLondon Police and Cranio and many more will also show their works in a special group exhibition that also opens on the 25th. 

The Colletive Art Gallery
3454 N.W. 7th Ave.
Miami, Florida