HRLN Murals 2016

Posted on December 29, 2016

Looking fo something to do in the last weekend of the year? Or want to start 2017 off with a good dose of colourful and awesome street art? Make sure to visit the Dutch city of Heerlen! The town, located in the South of the Netherlands, has been undergoing somewhat of a make-over in 2016 and now features murals from international artists like: Ben Eine, AEC, Aryz, Isaac Cordal, Nunca, Bier en Brood and many more! 

HRLN Murals is organised by the Street Art Foundation, a foundation that strives toward more positivity around the city of Heerlen and giving young and international artists a place to display their talent and works. Between August and December of this year they've comisioned many colourfull and amazing murals all around their city. Hoping that the art will inspire a younger generation to express their creativity as well as creating a platform for street artists in Heerlen. 

Under the theme "More than meets the eye" the artists where challanged to reflect on topics such as diversity and the "do it yourself" attitude in the street art world. Many have produced works that either take a worldy or local view on these topics.

This years HRLN Murals saw many debuts and firsts. Like for example Isaac Cordals' installation works of little figurines being placed all over the streets, for the very first time in the Netherlands. And we saw mural debuts from the likes of Aryz, Nunca and AEC. In the video we see artist Aryz express his views on street art and his murals and what inspires him. 

Can't  make it to Heerlen any time soon? Street Art photographer Henrik Haven, who snaps pictures for magazines such as Juxapoz Magazine and Complex, documented many of the murals and their making off. The results are all most as good as the real thing so make sure to check out his website: