Cranio - Amazonian Diet

Posted on June 01, 2016

Brazilian street artist Cranio exhibits at Vroom &Varossieau

‘Amazonian Diet’ May 28 through June 27, 2016

Art gallery Vroom &Varossieau is proud to present the colorful work of Brazilian street artist Cranio, from May 28 through June 27, 2016. With ‘Amazonian Diet’, Cranio expresses in a critical fashion the real life of the 21st century. The gallery exhibits paintings, drawings, and as a première, toys and a two meter high sculpture of his striking blue Indian.

‘Amazonian Diet’ is Cranio’s first solo exhibition in Amsterdam. With his unique Brazilian style and through his mystical landscapes he portrays the harmful consequences of today’s consumerism. Cranio shows the impact it has on the Indians in their original environment.

Fabio de Oliveira Parnaiba (1982), also known as Cranio, has an international reputation for his murals. He grew up in Sao Paulo. In 1998 he decided that the drab grey walls of his city could use a boost. Later on, he did the same in cities like Barcelona, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Miami and Paris.

Since 2008 the blue Indian features as a main character in Cranio’s work and it can now be called his trade mark. With creativity and a sense of humor he expresses his engagement with the Indians, Brazil’s original inhabitants. Technically, he predominantly uses spray cans. With an extremely thin needle he is able to create very fine lines: a technique that is mastered by only a handful of artists worldwide.