Logan Hicks in The Atrium in Amsterdam



Location – The Atrium, Amsterdam - South, The Netherlands Material – Spraypaint on concrete Year – 2015 Photography – Sander Busser 

The Urban Art of Logan Hicks mainly consists of ‘cityscapes’ for which he takes lots of photos of cities and transforms them into a new unique reality. He is inspired by the dynamics of everyday life in the city. For his cityscapes, many of which are in New York and Miami, he uses stencils whereby he manually ‘sprays’ several layers over each other. The photo-realistic element of his art gives passers-by the impression that they are entering a mysterious world. The chilly evening atmosphere contrasting with the warm dynamism that this cityscape exudes is typical of his work. The fact that no people are displayed in his cityscape makes the artwork intriguing and inviting.

Vroom & Varossieau Urban Contemporary Art, previously known as Look for Art, brought Logan Hicks to Amsterdam and co-managed the project. They work closely together with a large group of international Street Artists. Isabelle Vroom & Olivier Varossieau founded their gallery in 2010 and specialise in Urban Contemporary Art and the various street art forms within this genre.