Jaune for Vroom and Varossieau gallery in Amsterdam



Location – Vroom and Varossieau Urban Contemporary Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Material – Spraypaint on concrete
Year – 2017
Photograph - Jaune

For Jaune's solo show "I wish you could see this for real" the artist created an impressive wall filling mural called "The eight full eight vs. the forty thieves." It is on show untill the 5th of April! 

Jaune's signature little worker's in their bright yellow high-visibility jackets, came out of his own experience of working as a garbage man himself. While on this job he realized that even though he and his co-workers were wearing these fluorescent outfits. People mostly ignore garbage men and over the years they have become a standard image in streets all over the world. Jaune turns this image on it's head by placing his workermen characters y placing them in unexpected places and situations, often letting them interact with their environment and the people in it.