Ben Eine "IMAGINEER" for Blind Walls Gallery in Breda



Location – Belcrumweg, Breda, The Netherlands
Material – Spraypaint on concrete
Measure – (4x) 24x2m
Year – 2016
Photography – Edwin Wiekens
Video – Stein de Bont

The typographic works of Ben Eine are seen in cities all over the world, such as Toyko, New York, Los Angeles an Berlin. For his mural in Breda the artist took his inspiration from the forlorn industry of the city. Not necessarily by reliving the past but by celebrating the contemporary and future industries of Breda with words like "meaningfull", "imagineer", "mesmerising", "storytelling". The city is known as the "City of Imagineers", a safe haven for many educative, cultural and commercial instutes of the creative industry.