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We Are Family

Fabio deOliveira Parnaiba, better known as Cranio, is a Brazilian artist who began his artistic journey on the streets of Sao Paolo.  It was in 1998 Cranio decided that the grey walls in ‘his’ Sao Paolo needed a boost. Since then he has been doing the same for other cities all over the world. Cranio gets his inspiration from life, the streets, cartoons and the famous surrealist Salvador Dali. His blue Indian characters have become his trademark. It all started as his desire to show the indigenous people from Brazil and all the troubles they’re facing in the unforgiving contemporary world, complete with sneakers and smartphones. The contrast between the spiritual blue Indians and their new world environment raises questions we don’t always ask ourselves and allows us to think about ourselves and the society we live in. And although over the years he has developed his style and learned new techniques, his work never lost his humor and sharpness we love about it so much!

As his career develops Cranio is making more and more works on Canvas. Using intricate techniques he is able to manipulate spray paint like no other. Creating layers and delicate lines playing with textures and colour contrast. His works are always detailed and have lot of depth. Cranio takes time to think of what concept he wants to convey with his work and this attention to detail shows in everything he makes, whether it is a mural, a big canvas painting, toy sized Indians or his big sculptures.

Website: http://cranioartes.com/

Hero's Life

Bat Cave

Batman and Robin in Wonderland

Cranio Lego

Iron Cranio

Home Sweet Home

Darth Cranio

Captain America Looking for his Fiancé

Sun and Moon

Star Wars


Alien Invasion

Alter Ego


Bat Graffiti

Bat Simpson

Bat Support

Bat Pichacão

Batman vs Monster


Dragon vs Iron Man

Fish Head


Hard Knox Life

Hunting Pink Panther

Iron Meditation

Laser Vision


No Pain No Gain

Pied Piper

Skeptic Superman

Snake Charmer

Stop War

Strike a Pose

Super Size Me

Super Strength

The Bigger Loser



Welcome Captain

Welcome Superman

Centaur in the forest of Colors


Take Me Out of the Bush




Cristal Shaman


Last of the Huaorani

Peligro (Danger)

I'm on a Diet

Business man